I was treated for a traumatic brain injury I sustained in a serious Boston car accident and went back to work a month later. Now, I am having a lot of trouble just getting from day to day and had to take leave from my job. What do I have to prove to get Massachusetts Social Security disability benefits?

The SSA requires a great deal of medical evidence to approve your claim for Massachusetts Social Security disability benefits. When it comes to a TBI, the severity of your mental disability will be determined in four areas:

  • Activities of daily living. This includes activities such as shopping, paying bills, cooking, grooming and other self-care, and maintaining a home—things you normally do from day to day. 
  • Social functioning. Your ability to “interact independently, appropriately, effectively, and on a sustained basis” with other people is referred to as social functioning. Many TBIs interfere with social functioning.
  • Concentration, persistence, or pace. This, basically, is a determination of how well you can remain focused and attentive to tasks that might be required of you at your job. 
  • Episodes of decompensation. This refers to periods in which the signs and symptoms of your condition worsen and you experience difficulty functioning in any of the three areas mentioned above. 

In addition, the SSA will require extensive documentation to approve your claim. To collect all of this evidence and prove that you are unable to work, you may want to consider contacting a Massachusetts Social Security disability lawyer

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