After careful consideration, you decided to take the prescription drug or over-the-counter product. You believed that the medication would cure your condition, prevent your condition from worsening, or ease your pain.

However, that’s not what happened. The drug had dangers you did not know about and you were seriously hurt. Now, you are faced with a decision. Will you do nothing and bear the physical and financial consequences of the dangerous drug on your own? Or will you take action against the pharmaceutical company that is responsible for your injury and pursue a financial recovery?

The Pharmaceutical Company Took Away Your Right to Make an Informed Decision About Taking the Medication—But You Can Make an Informed Decision About Your Future

The pharmaceutical company that designed, manufactured, or marketed the medication may have kept important information from you. Whether it was a deliberate cover-up or a negligent failure to gather all of the safety information before selling the medication, the pharmaceutical company took away your right to make an informed decision about whether the benefits of the drug outweighed the risks.

Now, you deserve to know the full truth about your legal options so you can decide whether you want to pursue legal action against the pharmaceutical company. That truth includes knowing that you may be able to:

  • Join a mass tort action.
  • Pursue a legal case without financial risk.
  • Make a fair recovery for your injuries.

You deserve to know that you have a fair chance at making a just recovery—even against a large, powerful, and well-funded pharmaceutical company.

Have You Been Hurt by One of These Pharmaceutical Products?

The list of dangerous drugs is always changing and expanding. Below is a sampling of the kinds of dangerous drugs that have injured people:

  • Taxotere. Taxotere is a form of chemotherapy. Like other forms of chemotherapy, it carries risks. However, patients were not always warned about the risk of permanent hair loss.
  • Invokana. Invokana is a type 2 diabetes medication. It is designed to regulate blood glucose levels, but it has been linked to serious and life-threatening conditions including diabetic ketoacidosis, heart attacks, kidney problems, strokes, and other complications.
  • Xarelto. Xarelto is a blood thinner that could help prevent a blood clot from becoming a pulmonary embolism. However, uncontrolled bleeding can result from Xarelto and, as of April 2018, there is no FDA approved antidote to reverse the effects of Xarelto.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors. These gastrointestinal medications reduce stomach acid, but they may also cause serious bone fractures.
  • Talcum Powder. While talcum powder is not a prescription drug, it is a pharmaceutical product. Baby powder that contains talc has been associated with ovarian cancer.

We want to talk to you if you have been hurt by one of the specific drugs listed above—or any other prescription or over-the-counter medication.

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Our Lawyers Want to Help You Get the Fair Recovery That You Deserve

The pharmaceutical company does not want you to make a fair recovery, despite what its representatives might say. Instead, the pharmaceutical company wants to protect its reputation and its finances. Its employees and legal team will work hard to protect the pharmaceutical company.

You deserve someone working hard on your side. Our experienced attorneys want to protect your rights and your interests. You were the one who was hurt, and we want to make sure that you are compensated for the pharmaceutical company’s intentional or negligent actions.

To that end, we will review all of your options with you. There may be other people here in New England who have suffered similar injuries from the same drug. Together, you may pursue legal actions against the pharmaceutical company that will allow you to make the individual recovery that you deserve.

Contact us today via this website or by phone to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced legal team and to learn more about your rights.

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