Keefe Disability Law is constantly performing extensive research to bring readers more information on Social Security Disability and how it affects your life, your work and your well-being. Check out these helpful sites that can provide you with additional information. You can also receive a free copy of Keefe Disability Law's best resource, their book, the 7 Costly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Security Disability Claim.

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  • Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool

    The Social Security Administration's Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST) helps you find out if you are eligible to receive social security benefits.

  • Benefits Calculator

    The Social Security Administration's site provides benefit calculators to estimate your possible benefit amounts using different dates and levels of future earnings.

  • Social Security & Supplemental Security Income Disability Programs

    Administered by the Social Security Administration, the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Disability programs provide assistance to people with disabilities.