I was in a Boston car accident and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. What kinds of therapy are offered to help me once I get out of the hospital?

Your medical team will assess your injuries and symptoms and then come up with a treatment plan to help you achieve the best recovery possible. There are many types of brain injury therapies available to you. Which ones you will use depends on what you need in terms of your injury.

Here are some of the most common therapies available to patients with a TBI:

  • Physical therapy: A physical therapist understands how the body and brain relate to each other and how to repair damaged connections between the two through relearning movement, balance, and other physical skills. 
  • Speech therapy: A speech and language pathologist deals with improving communication skills if they have been affected by a TBI. 
  • Cognitive therapy. This form of therapy, which focuses on increasing your alertness and ability to pay attention if they have been affected, could begin while you are still in the hospital.
  • Psychological therapy: Sometimes a psychologist or neuropsychologist is recommended to help with your emotional well-being. The stresses of a TBI can put tremendous pressure on your relationships and mental state. 
  • Occupational therapy: Experts in this field can help you to recover and practice the skills you use in everyday life. 
  • Therapeutic recreation: A recreational therapist might be assigned to your case to help you find fun and stimulating leisure activities to participate in.

In addition to the above therapy alternatives, you might also be offered a vocational counselor, a traumatic brain injury nurse specialist, and/or a social worker or case manager to help you. 

If you find, as time goes by, that you will be unable to return to work for the foreseeable future, you might want to consider applying for Massachusetts Social Security disability benefits to see you through the rough times. 

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