I live in Boston and have epilepsy. I was working in a factory, but had to quit. So I retrained and am looking for work. But it seems like employers ignore me as soon as they find out about my condition. Is this legal? I cant afford not to work.

NO! It is absolutely illegal to discriminate against anyone because of his or her disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act made it illegal to discriminate against you in any of the following areas:
  • Recruiting workers.
  • Hiring workers.
  • Promoting employees.
  • Training employees.
  • Level of pay.
  • Social activities sponsored by the employer.

In addition, employers are also bound to make accommodations for any disabled employee and they cannot ask questions about an applicant’s disability unless they have made a job offer. Your rights are quite clear.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • When you quit the factory you worked in, and did you do so because of your disability? Did your employer ask you to leave or make it impossible to continue? If so, your rights might have been violated.
  • It is also illegal for your potential employers to turn you away because of epilepsy. However difficult this is to prove, it is wrong.
  • When you retrained, did you plan to go immediately to work? If you are having difficulty finding work because of the tough job market, and not discrimination, you may want to consider getting help by applying for Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits to keep you going.

If you do decide to apply for Social Security disability benefits, you might want to talk to a lawyer so your claim is considered and accepted more quickly. Call the Boston Social Security disability lawyers at Keefe Disability Law toll free at 888-904-6847 for a free case review, and order our free SSA disability report, Five Most Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability, on this page.
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