I am legally blind and working at a very low paying job in Boston. I applied for and was denied benefits by the SSA disability program. I just can’t make it on this low salary. What can I do?

We suggest that you should not give up! Many times, perfectly reasonable SSA disability claims are denied just because of a problem with the paperwork, such as inaccurate information or lack of documentation. You may well need the services of a Massachusetts disability attorney to look into your case and get you the benefits you need.

Generally, if you are making less than $1,690 a month in 2012 and are legally blind, you qualify for SSA disability benefits. These earnings limits change from year to year, so it is possible that your earnings in 2011 exceeded the limit then, but qualify you now.

Also, if you are self-employed, the SSA disability program does not evaluate the time you spend working in your business, while it does for the non-blind disabled. As long as you are making $1,690 or less a month in your business, you still qualify for disability benefits. 

The SSA disability program provides a booklet, Working While DisabledHow We Can Help, that is available in Braille. 

Meanwhile, please contact Keefe Disability Law with your questions about qualifying for SSA disability for the blind. We offer a free initial case consultation to let you know where you stand. You can call us toll free at 888-904-6847, fill out the confidential questionnaire on this page, and order our free book, Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability. Let us get started helping you.

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