Do You Have These Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease? Manchester Social Security Disability May be Able to Help

If you suffer from Huntington’s disease, you know how quickly your symptoms can go from mild to severe. This genetic nerve disorder impacts your brain. Usually it begins later in life and presents itself in the beginning with very mild symptoms. The younger you are when Huntington’s disease starts, the more rapidly the symptoms tend to progress. This can quickly cause you to become disabled.

There are three main ways Huntington’s disease presents itself; physical, cognitive, and mental. Depending on the severity of each of these overall symptoms, you may qualify to receive Social Security disability in Manchester for Huntington’s disease. Some of the common typical signs of Huntington’s disease that may qualify you for disability are:

  • Physical. Lack of coordination, jerky movements, rigidity in your body, loss of muscle control, difficulty sleeping, and seizures.
  • Cognitive. Loss of both short and long-term memory, decreased problem-solving abilities, and dementia.
  • Mental. Anxiety, depression, irritability, aggression, compulsive behavior, increased thoughts of suicide, and difficulty being able to read other people’s emotions.

If any of these symptoms have caused you to become disabled, you may be able to receive Social Security in Manchester for Huntington’s disease. However, the process of filing an application and being approved can be very difficult. Because Huntington’s disease is not listed as a qualifying disability, you must determine which listing on the Social Security website matches your specific symptoms and apply based on those qualifications. This involves submitting significant medical evidence and completing your Social Security disability application with great detail about how your Huntington’s disease impacts your ability to live and work as you once used to.

It is highly recommended that you work with a New Hampshire Social Security disability attorney to be sure that you fill out your paperwork in a way that answers all of the reviewers questions and increases your chances of approval. Call us today at 888-904-6847 to get more information about how you may qualify for New Hampshire Social Security disability for Huntington’s disease.


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