Should I Appeal My Social Security Denial?Yes. In many cases, it makes sense to appeal a denial of Social Security disability benefits. The majority of initial Social Security disability claims are denied, and many deserving claimants are left deciding whether they should give up on their application or file an appeal. If you decide to file an appeal and to pursue the benefits that you deserve, then an experienced disability lawyer can improve your chances of success.

How to Know If an Appeal Is Right for You

If you received a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) saying you are not eligible for disability benefits, it is not the end of the road. In our experience, it may be worth the trouble to appeal what may be an unfair decision after you answer the following questions:

  • Is your disability included on the Social Security Administration’s Listing of Impairments? The Listing of Impairments provides an index of disabling conditions and explains how severe a condition must be to qualify for disability benefits.
  • Will your disability keep you from working for at least a year or result in your death? One of these things must be true in order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.
  • Are you over age 55 or is your disability severe? These factors can greatly influence your chances of winning an appeal.
  • Are you truly unable to work at any job? The Social Security Administration will look at your condition and decide if you are skilled enough to do some kind of work.
  • Did you find any incorrect information in your denial letter? You can challenge anything that is not factual.

Being denied Social Security disability benefits may not be the end of the road. If you want help with making the decision about whether to appeal your disability benefits denial, call the experienced attorneys at Keefe Disability Law today. We can help you sort out the sometimes confusing Social Security disability appeals process and get you on the right track to getting the benefits that you have earned.

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