If I’m pursuing a disability appeal in Boston, how long will I have to wait? What are my chances of getting approved?

When you’re depending on disability benefits to help support your family, opening a rejection letter after several months of waiting can be heartbreaking. Those benefits mean the difference between surviving and bankruptcy. Fortunately, you still have a chance to appeal the SSA’s decision, but you’re wondering what the odds are for your approval.

Boston ODAR Wait Times and Case Results

When your disability claim is rejected, you have the right to file an appeal with your local Office of Disability Adjudication Review (ODAR). Although the home office of the ODAR is located in Virginia, there are three satellite offices in Massachusetts. Those offices are located in Boston, Lawrence, and Springfield. The Boston office is the largest with 13 presiding administrative law judges (ALJs).

Because the Boston office has twice as many ALJs as Lawrence and Springfield, it has a slightly faster turn-around and is able to review more cases in a shorter period of time. The average wait time for a hearing at the Boston office is 11 months, which is about two months shorter than the national average. The average processing time in Boston is just over a year, but is shorter than the national average by about 50 days.

Case results at the Boston office are on par with national averages, as the following SSA statistics indicate:

  • Cases dismissed.   Boston: 22%       National average: 18%
  • Cases approved.    Boston: 42%        National average: 44%
  • Cases denied.         Boston 36%        National average: 38%

Improving Your Odds of a Successful Appeal

Although every claim is different, and each judge has his or her own way of determining whether a denied claim should be reconsidered, you can improve your odds dramatically by accepting the help of an experienced lawyer. We know how to improve your claim for an appeal. Let us help make sure that you take full advantage of your second chance. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call 508-283-5500 now for the help you deserve!

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