Waiting for a Decision After Your HearingIn all likelihood, you will not get a decision on the day of your Social Security disability hearing.

Why Not?

In order to understand why you are unlikely to get a decision on the day of your hearing, it is important to understand how a hearing works.

Before your hearing, an administrative law judge (ALJ) will review your file. The file can be quite lengthy—from 500 to over 1,000 pages long. Most of the file is made up of detailed medical records that document the impairments and the treatment you have received for those impairments. 

Unfortunately, those records only tell part of the story. You have been granted a hearing so that the ALJ can meet you and get to know you. The testimony during the hearing can provide the ALJ with a detailed picture of your daily life—something that the medical records alone cannot do. This helps the ALJ learn the whole story so he can piece together what you have been going through and how your medical condition impacts your ability to work. 

After the hearing, the ALJ will consider your testimony, together with the medical records, and write up a decision that addresses all of the evidence in the claim. Most of the time, it is important for the ALJ to go back and take a fresh look at the file after hearing your testimony so that a final decision can be made.

Once all of these steps are completed, the ALJ will draft a written decision that is typically about 10 pages long and mail a copy to the claimant and the attorney. Although there is no deadline for the decision, it is our experience that decisions are typically received within 30 to 60 days after the hearing. 

Getting Benefits After a Successful Hearing

If the ALJ rules in your favor then your file will be sent to a payment processing center. It is here that the amount of your benefits and your back pay will be calculated. The amount of time that your file will be with the payment processing center before you receive benefits can vary.

In order to get the Social Security disability benefits that you deserve in a timely manner, please contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer to learn more about your rights and about getting the benefits that you deserve. We will stay on top of your appeal and keep you apprised of its status.

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