Like many other people who file for disability benefits, you were denied. You thought you submitted all of the information necessary, but somehow the Social Security Administration (SSA) did not see how disabling your medical condition is, or did not understand how it impacts your daily life or ability to work.

Now you have to appeal the SSA decision and push forward to receive the benefits you need. One of the most important parts of this process is your on-the-record review for New Hampshire SSDI. This is where a judge reviews your file and makes a determination of whether or not you should receive benefits. An on-the-record review is particularly beneficial in helping you get the disability benefits you need quickly, without having to go through the tedious process of a hearing.

Getting Your On-the-Record Review in New Hampshire

The first step toward getting your case in front of an administrative law judge to review is to request a hearing. This must be done relatively quickly following your denial.

Your hearing officer may be the one to initiate an on-the-record review of your case. However, in some instances, you may have to request the hearing on your own to make sure one is performed for your case. You must file your request for this hearing at your local New Hampshire Office of Disability Adjudication and Review around the same time that you file a request for an appeal hearing.

What to Expect From a New Hampshire On-the-Record Review

Once you go through an on-the-record review, there are a few things that can happen:

  • An attorney may contact you. An attorney adjudicator reviewing your file may reach out to you with more questions. You should answer his questions in detail to help avoid a hearing.
  • You may be approved. If the evidence you submitted was what the SSA needed to approve your application, you may be granted SSDI in New Hampshire and not have to go through a hearing.
  • You may be denied. If you do not receive New Hampshire SSDI based on your on-the-record review, you can still proceed to a hearing. Your on-the-record review denial will have no impact on your hearing.

Getting an on-the-record review is an easier and more efficient way to go through the appeal process without having the stress or worry about appearing before a judge.

It is advised that you reach out and work with a New Hampshire Social Security disability lawyer to determine what you should submit in your review, and how you should answer any possible questions that may come your way from the attorney adjudicator.

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