You’ve already applied for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits in New Hampshire for your epilepsy, and now you’re forced to sit back and wait for a decision. The waiting time is perhaps the most difficult part of applying for SSDI. You’re not sure what to expect or whether the Social Security Administration (SSA) official reviewing your application will understand how your epilepsy impacts your life.

Living With Epilepsy Before Your Application for SSDI Is Approved

There are many personal challenges that come when you live with epilepsy. Although you might know what could trigger a seizure, you do not have control over when one will strike. The very symptoms that keep you from working are the same symptoms that make your daily life more challenging.

One common trigger of seizures is stress. Applying for SSDI can be stressful. One way to relieve that stress and minimize the risk of a seizure is to stay busy while waiting for the SSA to make its decision.

Here are a few proactive things you can do to help your case while waiting:

  • Keep a diary of your seizures. Keeping a record of when a seizure occurs, how long it lasted, and the severity of the seizure is a good idea. This will not only help you track the epilepsy but it will also serve as a good record in case your application is denied. You can use your diary to appeal a denial by showing exactly how epilepsy impacts your daily life.
  • Attend all doctor appointments. Continue to go to all of your doctor appointments and follow all of the treatments you are prescribed. This will not only help you feel better and stay as healthy as possible, but it will also help if you need to appeal a denial. When you can show that you’ve done everything in your power to control the epilepsy, you make a stronger case for receiving disability benefits.
  • Talk to your boss, neighbors, or church. You are still allowed to work while you apply for SSDI. If you can, talk to your boss, neighbors, or church to let them know that you’re interested in work whenever possible. This may help you find small sources of income to help you while you wait to hear if your application is approved.

Applying for SSDI in New Hampshire is a stressful experience. You’re not sure how long your application will take to be processed and what the outcome will be. With these tips in mind you can minimize your stress and proactively prepare in case your first application is denied.

Do you know someone with epilepsy? Please send him or her this article to help while his or her application is being processed.

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