Living with epilepsy can be difficult. This condition can affect your relationships, family life, recreation and work. Yet many sufferers are able to lead happy, healthy lives by learning how to balance safety and the enjoyment of life. Your Boston Social Security lawyers would like to share some information that can help you to do just that.

Problems and Solutions for Epilepsy Patients

  • You may feel alone. But you are not! There are community support groups just about everywhere in the United States for people like you. Ask your doctor, talk to others and go online to find support.
  • Your family may feel the strain. It is important that each member of your family is educated about your condition. Through communication and knowledge, your family can become your biggest support team, making it easier for both them and you to feel more secure.
  • You could become nervous about safety. There are many ways to be sure you are safe if you are at high risk for seizures. Be sure you avoid being alone when you do activities like bathe, cook, hike, swim, use power tools or climb ladders.
  • You might have trouble finding, getting and keeping a job in a field that suits you. Seizures can interrupt your work and transportation can be a problem. You should know that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects your rights as a worker. It is illegal to deny someone a job if they are able to perform it.
  • Resources are available to provide epilepsy specific information and referral assitance. In Massachusetts Rhode Island or New Hampshire call the Epilepsy Foundation of New England 335 Main Street #8 Wilimngton MA 01887 TEL 617 506 6042. 
  • As often happens with medical science, there are recent advances in diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsies are being diagnosed with greater differentialion so that the treatment is adjusted to the type of epilepsy found. For some types of epilepsy now there can be a shift to treating not only the seizures but also the epilepsy. For some types of epilepsy the physician will use benzodiazapene drugs as antiepileptic drugs (AED). An exapmple of this type of treatment is Midazolam IM. However, recently, for other types of epilepsy, AED's are not used and the physician uses immunotherapy.  

While you must live more carefully and with greater risks than most people, you can have a fulfilling life, no matter how severe your condition is. Epilepsy does not have to shut you down. But if you do have trouble working, the government provides assistance through the Social Security Administration disability program.

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