Your doctor has told you that your blood vessels are inflamed and that you have a condition called vasculitis. The inflammation may cause your blood vessels to scar. The blood vessels may become weak and the walls of the blood vessels may thicken, making them narrower. This narrowing of the blood Vasculitis Diagnosis on a Tablet and Phonevessels may restrict blood flow to your organs and tissues and cause severe medical issues.

When vasculitis progresses to the point of organ damage, it becomes known as systemic vasculitis, and people with systemic vasculitis may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Systemic vasculitis is a condition included in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book Listing of Impairments.

Blue Book Section 14.03 provides two ways for someone with systemic vasculitis to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. According to Section 14.03(A), you may be eligible for Social Security disability if your vasculitis affects two or more organs or body systems with:

  • One of the organs or body systems involved to at least a moderate severity level
  • At least two constitutional symptoms of vasculitis. Constitutional symptoms of systemic vasculitis include significant fatigue, fever, malaise, and involuntary weight loss.

Alternatively, Section 14.03(B) allows you to qualify for Social Security disability if you have repeated manifestations of systemic vasculitis with at least two constitutional symptoms (significant fatigue, fever, malaise, or involuntary weight loss) and at least one of the following at a marked level:

  • Activities of daily living limitations
  • Maintaining social functioning limitations
  • Limitation in completing tasks on time because of issues with concentration, persistence, or pace

You do not have to prove that one of your organs or body systems is involved to a moderate severity level to qualify for benefits pursuant to Section 14.03(B).

However, meeting the specific requirements of this listing is not the only way to qualify for disability benefits. You may also qualify for Social Security disability if you have systemic vasculitis and:

  • Your condition is equal in severity to another Blue Book listing
  • You are unable to work because of your medical condition

Additionally, every applicant must prove that they have worked long enough to qualify for Social Security benefits.

Whether you apply because you meet the Blue Book listing or are otherwise eligible for benefits, you will need to provide clear and convincing evidence to the Social Security Administration in support of your disability application. Medical evidence may include the results of angioplasty or tissue biopsy.

What Social Security Disability Benefits Include

Once the Social Security Administration finds you eligible for benefits, the agency will calculate your monthly benefit amount based on your lifetime average earnings before you became disabled. The maximum amount that you can receive is over $3,000 per month in 2022. However, most people are likely to receive significantly less than that. You can use the Social Security Administration’s online benefits calculator or talk to your Social Security disability lawyer about your potential benefits.

Contact a Local Social Security Disability Lawyer Risk-Free

Unfortunately, a simple omission or mistake on your disability application could cause the Social Security Administration to deny your benefits application. You don’t need the stress of applying for benefits or the hassle of a denied application. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact an experienced Metro Boston Social Security disability lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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