When You Can and Cannot Qualify for SSDI in Boston for a Torn ACL

As an athlete, you put your body to the test each time you step out onto the field, track, or court. In the gym, you strain your body even further to get the maximum personal best you can. It’s the push that keeps you healthy and it’s the drive to accomplish that wins you the greatest reward.

Unfortunately, sometimes this drive can go overboard and you can injure yourself. One of the most common sports injuries faced by athletes is a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This injury rips the ligament that connects your kneecap to the back outside of your shinbone. Athletes of all skill levels—from the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox to amateur athletes—are at risk of this injury.

If you experienced the pain and frustration of a torn ACL, going about your daily activities might be a struggle. You might not be able to work in the same capacity. When this happens, you wonder whether you qualify for Social Security disability income (SSDI) benefits in Massachusetts for a torn ACL.

When You Don’t Qualify for Social Security

Depending on the extent of your injury and your job, you might not qualify for SSDI after a torn ACL.

If your injury was minor, you probably will not take too long to recover. Likewise, you might still be able to do certain tasks at work, such as light work or sedentary work. This type of work still allows you to continue your job without sacrificing a paycheck so you do not qualify for SSDI in Boston.

How to Qualify for Boston SSDI with a Torn ACL

If your injury is more extensive, you might not be able to continue in your position. In addition, if you suffer from complications, such as damage from surgery or chronic pain due to your injury, you might be eligible to receive SSDI for your torn ACL.

Here are a few of the instances where you could qualify for Social Security disability with this injury:

  • You had surgery to repair your ACL and there were complications which have kept you out of work for over a year.
  • You developed arthritis after your injury, which led to long-term health problems that prevent you from working.
  • Your range of motion was severely limited following your surgery or injury, and there is no way to repair the damage that now prevents you from working.
  • You suffer from chronic pain following your torn ACL and cannot perform daily activities, such as going on errands, walking, driving, or working.

The severity of your injury, as well as any complications from your injury, will determine whether or not you are eligible to receive SSDI. The damages you suffer from must impact you for 12 consecutive months or more to qualify.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) often denies these types of injuries. If you believe you qualify, it is a good idea to reach out for help with your application from a Boston SSDI attorney.

You should also do your due diligence and learn more about the system before submitting your application. Download our free report called Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability to learn more about the process and what you can expect before submitting your application.

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