The Social Security Administration (SSA) places strict guidelines on each of their disability listings. For people who have had reconstructive surgery on a weight-bearing joint, such as you had on your knee, the SSA needs to see that the surgery did not properly repair the damage. You must also show the extent to which you are still limited even after trying to repair the damage to your joint.

Showing Your Inability to Walk Effectively

In your appeal, you must show that you cannot walk effectively. This essentially means that the SSA wants to see that you have a disability that limits you in your job. Some of the ways that you may be considered unable to walk effectively include:

  • Using some system of support to get around, such as a walker, or two crutches.
  • You are forced to walk at an unreasonably slow pace to perform daily tasks, such as grocery shopping.
  • You have difficulty walking on uneven surfaces at a reasonable pace.
  • You are limited in how many stairs you can climb and how quickly you can climb with the help of a handrail.
  • You require assistance in getting to and from work.

Guidelines like these may seem straightforward, but demonstrating them to the SSA in a way that will allow you to be approved for SSDI in Boston for reconstructive surgery is not easy.

Working with a skilled SSDI lawyer in Boston can help. By putting the experience with and the knowledge of the Social Security system to work on your appeal, you can increase your opportunity to be approved. Let us know if you meet these criteria and would like help filing your appeal by filling out the contact form on this page.

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