Ulcerative colitis is one of the more severe forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). With ulcerative colitis, you suffer from ulcers in your large intestines and inflammation that can thicken your colon or leave it severely scarred. The ulcers, inflammation, and swelling can all cause serious—and potentially life-threatening—complications, such as cancer, fistulas, abscesses, or the rupturing of your colon.

It is unknown what causes people to get ulcerative colitis. Although people who suffer from this condition have abnormalities in their immune system, doctors do not know how this abnormality is developed.

Once diagnosed, treatment for ulcerative colitis is dependent on the severity of the symptoms and how far the disease has progressed. Surgery, diet changes, and medication can all help relieve symptoms.

If you live with pain and suffering from ulcerative colitis in New Hampshire, SSDI may be able to help. With SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you can receive financial support from the government. When you’re unable to perform the job you once held, this support can be very beneficial in helping you get the treatment and care you need.

Qualifying for New Hampshire SSDI with ulcerative colitis is not always easy. Here are a few things that the Social Security Administration takes into consideration:

  • You must have been diagnosed with IBD and have a specific complication with IBD, such as an abscess, anemia, or fistula; or
  • You must have been diagnosed with IBD and have lost a significant amount of weight, resulting in a body mass index of 17.5 or less.

Know If You Qualify For SSDI While Living With Ulcerative Colitis

If you do not meet these requirements, but are still unable to work, there are other options. For help applying for SSDI in New Hampshire for ulcerative colitis, you may want a New Hampshire Social Security disability lawyer on your side.

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