Man suffering with back painThere are thousands of people in the United States who are scared to get up in the morning because they know the day will be full of excruciating back pain. Some of these back pain sufferers can’t even make it out of bed, let alone get dressed and go to work. As a result of the limitations created by back problems, the Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes certain musculoskeletal and spinal problems as viable conditions for disability approval—That is, as long as the condition meets certain qualifications.

Back Pain Disability Qualifications

The SSA considers a condition to be categorized as musculoskeletal if it disrupts the ability of the sufferer to walk effectively or perform regular movements for a sustained period. There are several types of back injuries that qualify for disability. However, these specific conditions don’t guarantee approval unless you can prove that the condition directly affects your ability to work. Or, in other words, prove the cause of the “disruption.”

“Disruptions” caused by your condition can be the result of a muscle or spine abnormality, a musculoskeletal disease such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, or chronic pain that prohibits certain movements. However, having a disruptive back problem isn’t enough to prove eligibility. For your claim to be approved, you must be able to convince the SSA board that your condition and its disruptions affect:

  • Your ability to work. Do your condition’s limitations prevent you from physically being able to do your job? Were restrictions ever placed on your duties to accommodate your limitations? Were you unable to perform your duties even with the restrictions? Can an employer or co-worker validate the deterioration of your abilities?
  • Your ability to support yourself. Do your condition’s limitations prevent you from performing any type of gainful employment? Could you work if you were to sit in a wheelchair, for example? Has a physician diagnosed your limitations? Is it reasonable to say that you cannot be considered a reliable employee as a result of your condition’s symptoms and limitations?  

If you feel that your pain complies with the above qualifications and prevents you from being able to support yourself and family financially, you may want to consider filing for musculoskeletal disability.

Resources You Need to Build Your Claim

At Keefe Disability Law, we believe that your pain is enough to worry about without the added stress of building a disability claim—especially when a lack of resources may cause that claim to be denied. That’s why John L. Keefe has dedicated his entire career to helping those who can’t work get the financial support they need to survive. Contact our office today to see how his knowledge and experience and our resources can help you build a case worthy of the benefits you need. Call 508-283-5500 to schedule a FREE consultation today!

For more information on how, when, and why to file for disability, feel free to download our complimentary report, The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability. We’ve put in the work, so you don’t have to waste time searching for the answers you need.

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