I’m scared! The Social Security Administration denied my application for SSDI in Watertown because of my past work history. What can I do?

Sometimes the Social Security Administration (SSA) will deny your application if they feel you are capable of doing work elsewhere. Often this is decided upon based on your past work history. Although someone will most likely testify at your hearing after a denial that you can do another job based on your past work history, there are ways around this.

What to Expect at Your Disability Hearing in Boston

When you go to your disability hearing before an administrative law judge, he will have the list of past jobs that you’ve held over the last 15 years. During your hearing, the judge will review each of your past jobs and ask you about them. Based on your answers, the judge will determine whether you are capable of holding another job, or if you qualify to receive Social Security disability.

As you describe your past work experience, here are a few of the most important items to include that can help your case:

  • How long you spent learning the job, including any specialized training you needed
  • How long you held the position
  • Your specific job title
  • Whether you managed other people
  • The physical requirements of the job, including the use of any special equipment
  • The mental requirements, including if you worked with the public
  • Whether you were able to sit, stand, or walk whenever you needed to
  • How many hours you worked each week
  • Whether your employer offered you any special accommodations
  • Why you left the job


Each of these answers will shed light on what your work experience was really like during each of your past jobs. Using your answers, the judge will determine whether or not you can perform similar jobs in the future.

Having a lawyer by your side throughout the hearing is a smart idea. If you’re worried about your hearing, let us be there to support you. With our experience in these hearings, we know what will help, and what could hurt your case. Contact us today to schedule your pre-hearing appointment with a Boston Social Security disability lawyer.

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