Carpal tunnel syndrome is enormously painful and frustrating. The pain from the swelling around your nerves makes it difficult to concentrate. The numbness caused by your nerve being pinched can limit your ability to do basic workplace tasks. Even picking up a phone can be intolerable.

Qualifying For Disability

Although disabling, carpal tunnel syndrome is not listed by Social Security as a qualifying disability. However, there are still options that may help you be approved to receive SSDI. Here is some of the medical evidence you will need to provide in your appeal to increase your chances of being approved.

  • Measures of your thumb weakness. This can be done by your doctor by measuring your ability to raise your thumb upward when it is flat on the table, or your ability to touch your pinky with your thumb.
  • Pahlen’s test. This test checks for symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while your hands are dangled off the table.
  • Tinel’s sign. Your doctor will check for Tinel’s sign, which is when your median nerve tingles or is shocked when touched.
  • Nerve conduction study. This will measure how fast signals are sent through the affected nerves.

There may be other tests and pieces of medical evidence to demonstrate your disability.

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