Carpal tunnel syndrome can be enormously painful. This condition causes pressure on a nerve in your wrist. As it swells, you may feel pain in your hands, arm, wrist, or experience numbness in your fingers or palms. When your condition becomes severe, there is a good chance that you may not be able to work as you once did.

People who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are frequently denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. However, because repetitive motions or numerous other conditions can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, you may still be able to receive the benefits you need.

SSDI Benefits From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The first thing you will have to demonstrate in your application is your inability to perform work. Some of the most common ways carpal tunnel syndrome may impact your ability to perform your job include:

  • Limitations on physical exertion. Many jobs require you to lift, carry, or move objects. Regardless of the weight of these objects, lifting, carrying, or moving anything can be difficult when you experience severe pain or numbness.
  • Loss of motor skills. The Social Security Administration understands that the loss of motor skills can significantly limit the amount of work that can be done. This includes light work or even sedentary work. Because the use of your hands is limited with carpal tunnel syndrome, you may qualify for SSDI.
  • Mental impairment. Although carpal tunnel syndrome does not directly impact your brain, it can have a significant impact on your mental awareness. If the pain you experience while working becomes so severe that you are unable to concentrate, you may not be able to perform your job as you once used to.

Filing an application to receive SSDI for carpal tunnel syndrome is a complex process. To ensure that you maximize your chances of approval, it is a good idea to work together with a Massachusetts Social Security disability attorney. Contact Keefe Disability Law at 888-904-6847 to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about how we can help you get the disability income you need.

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