A recent lawsuit brings an important issue to the national media – the rights of American military veterans to disability benefits. Many times, non-government companies do not support the disability claims put to them, leaving disabled soldiers to find other means of support. As Boston Social Security disability lawyers, we see this too often.

Army Veteran Gets Denied

Army veteran Jerico McCoy, 28, filed suit in Portland, Oregon against Aetna Inc., his former employer’s insurance company, arguing that the company was wrong to deny him disability benefits after his second tour in Iraq.

McCoy served in Iraq twice, once in 2003, as a full time Army soldier, and once in 2008, after switching from active duty to reserve status in 2006. That same year, he got a job with Bank of America as a personal banker. 

While employed by the bank, McCoy was called up by the Army to extend his contract and was sent to Iraq as non-commissioned officer. He answered the call and returned to Iraq in 2008 as leader and assistant leader of psychological operations teams. His work included travel throughout southern and western Iraq, locations considered hostile territory.

When he returned from this tour, McCoy enrolled in college, but had to stop in 2010 due to the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). According to the lawsuit, he suffered anxiety, depression, muscle tension, flashbacks, fatigue, and poor concentration. Bank of America granted him a leave.

Meanwhile, Aetna denied McCoy’s request for benefits citing a clause in his contract that claims disability benefits are not paid “for a disability resulting from acts of war.

Disability For War Veterans

As Boston Social Security Disability lawyers, we at Keefe Disability Law represent disabled war veterans. The kind of treatment McCoy has faced is exactly why we want to help these American servicemen and women.

If you have been disabled while serving in the military, you probably not only qualify for SSA disability, but also become part of the SSA Wounded Warriors program. Call Keefe Disability Law today toll free for more information at 888-904-6847.

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