As Social Security disability lawyers in New England, we have kept a close eye on the VA scandal. This scandal rocked the nation when millions of people in need of help were kept waiting. Now veterans—some of them on Social Security disability in New England—have a strong reaction to the situation plaguing the country.

Many Veterans Are Still Waiting

One veteran, Ron Coveney, who served in the Marine Corps in the late 1970s through the early 1980s, relies on the VA for his health care. His experience has been less than ideal. Because his VA provider is a teaching hospital, he has to go through 23 students, he says, to get to a doctor. As a result of this roundabout way of getting healthcare, he has received improper diagnoses. He has also been on the waiting list for almost five years to determine why he has significant memory loss.

At another VA facility in New England, veterans say that they have to complete a test to determine if they qualify for medical care. This is much like the process Social Security disability applicants must go through to determine if they qualify to receive benefits. On the VA’s test, applicants must be under a certain salary level to receive the care they need.

Yet another New England veteran has waited for a liver transplant for the past 16 years. Diagnosed with hepatitis C, veteran Ron Sutherland has had several close brushes with death because of this extended waiting period. He receives Social Security disability, and the only insurance he has is through Medicare and the VA.

Marching on the Capital

Coveney and a group of veterans put together a march to protest the poor health care he’s received. He and his group are encouraging other veterans around New England and the country to do the same.

If you are a veteran waiting for healthcare and need financial support, we encourage you to apply for Social Security disability. While it might not get you the medical help you need, it will allow you to rest, which could limit the severity of your condition. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get the monetary support you need.

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