Expedited Process for Veterans’ Social Security Disability

Posted on Apr 04, 2014

A special category of veterans received welcome news when the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced the launch of a new process. This new process will expedite certain disability applications and claims making it faster to receive benefits.

A faster processing system is now in place for veterans with a Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation rating of 100 percent. Under this new system, veterans with permanent and total disabilities will have their Social Security disability benefits processed in a manner similar to how the SSA currently processes disability claims through the Wounded Warriors program.

The Social Security commissioner, Carolyn Colvin, commented that the SSA has reached a new milestone in how they help veterans get the benefits they need. She went on to show gratitude for the sacrifices veterans make for the United States, and commented that with a higher quality of service, veterans will be able to get the benefits they deserve.

Maryland Rep. John Sarbanes was responsible for introducing this piece of legislation, and praised the initiative that put it into action. He also said that veterans should not have to get a bureaucratic runaround. He noted that the aging population means that more veterans of wars will need care.

This change is intended to reduce backlogs in applications and remove any unnecessary red tape. As a result, veterans will be able to receive earned benefits in a timelier manner.

If you are a veteran looking to apply using this new expedited service, you must inform the SSA that you have the required 100 percent Permanent or Total disability compensation rating. To show proof of this rating, you must provide a copy of your VA Notification Letter.

It is important to note that even with a 100 percent Permanent or Total disability rating, some veterans may still be denied benefits. This new process only ensures that the applications from this category of veterans are processed faster.

Are you a veteran who has gone through this process? We’d love to hear from you! What was your experience?

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