It’s no secret that getting approved for Social Security disability income in Massachusetts is not easy. Going through the extensive process of filing a claim and proving that you’re disabled  under the Social Security rules can be very difficult. When you suffer from a disability not listed in the Social Security impairments guide, applying to receive disability can be even more frustrating.

Bell’s Palsy Social Security Disability

Arranging to receive Boston Social Security disability benefits for Bell’s Palsy is particularly challenging. This condition often goes away within a matter of a few weeks or months. However, many people with Bell’s Palsy go on to develop permanent nerve damage in their face. This can make holding their former job very difficult.

If you are applying for Social Security disability in Boston for Bell’s Palsy, here are three tips to help increase your chances at being approved:

  • List all your impairments. If you have multiple impairments due to your Bell’s Palsy permanent damage, it is important to list all of your disabilities. People who suffer from multiple disabilities are more likely to be approved to receive the Boston SSDI they need and deserve.
  • Give both physical and non-exertion impairments. Many people think that when applying for Boston Social Security disability for Bell’s Palsy, they only need to list the symptoms that prevent them from physical labor. However, it is important that you also show how your symptoms prohibit you from doing work that does not require exertion, such as answering the phone, writing, and other sedentary tasks.
  • Document your residual functional capacity (RFC). Completing an RFC form is critical to include with your application for Bell’s Palsy Social Security disability in Boston. Because there is not a specific listing for Bell’s Palsy, using this form can demonstrate how limited you are to the person reviewing your application.

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