Bell’s Palsy is a nerve condition that impacts your face. When these nerves become damaged, your face may start to droop, your eyes may start to water, your taste buds may change, and you may experience facial pain or numbness. These symptoms come on quickly and linger for weeks or months.

When caught early, Bell’s Palsy can heal relatively quickly. However, if it was not diagnosed early on, or if your body does not respond to treatments, you may experience permanent nerve damage. This can lead to serious disabilities, such as vision loss or other nerve damage. If this happens, you may no longer be able to work. In this case, you may qualify to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in Boston for Bell’s Palsy.

There are a few factors that must be taken into consideration when determining whether your Bell’s Palsy qualifies for Boston SSDI.

  • Your symptoms must have impacted you for over 12 months
  • Your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working at your old job
  • Your symptoms prevent you from getting a new job

Qualifying for Bell’s Palsy is difficult, mostly because the symptoms may heal themselves in a fast enough time frame that you may not meet the minimum requirements of being unable to work at a substantial level due to your symptoms for over 12 months. The Social Security Administration must determine how limited you are in your physical abilities. To show this, you must fill out a residual functional capacity form. If the Social Security Administration caseworker determines that you are still able to work at a sedentary occupation, he will deny your application.

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