If you or a loved one has been given a diagnosis of leukemia, a variety of treatment options exist. One of the most promising is stem cell therapy, which uses healthy stem cells to stimulate your body to produce its own healthy white blood cells.

This procedure has offered hope and healing to many people suffering from the disabling effects of leukemia. Also known as a bone marrow transplant, this therapy infuses your body with healthy stem cells. These cells can come from your own body or from donors, frequently using the healthy cells found in the umbilical cord.

If you are eligible for a stem cell transplant, you will undergo chemotherapy and maybe radiation to destroy as many cancer cells as possible and suppress the immune system to avoid rejection of the new cells before the transplant.

The transplant itself takes between one and five hours. During this time, healthy stem cells are injected into your body, eventually finding their way to your bone marrow.

After stem cell therapy you can expect:

  • To remain hospitalized until your blood counts normalize.
  • Your hospital stay to last from three and five weeks; however, it could be considerably longer, depending on your condition.
  • To continue to have tests and procedures to monitor your progress.
  • To take supplemental nutrition and medicines to help deal with the effects of the transplantation.
  • Possible red blood cell transfusions from time to time.

If all goes well, you could experience remission, allowing you to return to a much more normal life, including returning to work.

However, you may well have lost many months of earning capacity by the time your therapy is complete. For this reason, many people want to look into applying for New England Social Security disability benefits to see them through the tough times.

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