We all know that a New England Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claim can take a long time. After the initial application denial, a long road of appeals begins. A Rhode Island widow has just found out how long this process might take.

Cecelia Frusher was just awarded 30 years of SSA disability benefits retroactively for her deceased husband's disability.

Frusher's fight began in 1974, when her husband, Dr. Richard Frusher, exhibited symptoms of mental illness. A veteran of WWII, Dr. Frusher was diagnosed in 1975 with schizophrenia. He applied that year for benefits and was denied.

Frusher's family reapplied in 1978 as his condition continued to deteriorate. The family gave up after the second denial and didn't try again for 25 years when Frusher turned 62. At this time, Mrs. Frusher applied for early retirement benefits for her husband and also reapplied for SSA disability.

The SSA said that Dr. Frusher was now ineligible for SSDI, but could apply for SSI. He was then awarded benefits for the period of time starting in December 2003. At this point, Mrs. Frusher took her case to court.

And, after six years of legal battle, and 36 years from the first denial, the Frusher family was awarded benefits dating from the first application in 1975 until Dr. Frusher's death. Mrs. Frusher said, "This decision finally honors my late husband, and he deserves it."

The specialists at Keefe Disability Law in Massachusetts urge you not to give up your quest for SSA disability benefits. If this family had appealed the SSA's decision in 1978, perhaps their story would be different.

The smartest thing you can do if denied is to pursue the SSA disability appeals process. Call Keefe Disability Law toll free today at 888-904-6847 and get the legal representation you deserve.

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