The purpose of temporary disability is to provide benefits to those who have suffered injuries outside of work that prevent them from returning to their jobs as an efficient employee. Just like regular disability, the approval process for these benefits depends on your ability to convince the Social Security disability board of the following:

  • Man with broken leg and crutchesThe severity of your injury. Does your injury prevent you from performing simple daily tasks? Does it limit your ability to function or move? Can a doctor verify the extent of the injury and its intensity?  
  • Limitations caused by your injury. Does the condition limit your ability to complete your work duties? Has your employer tried to work around these restrictions, but failed to find a job you can adequately complete? Does working cause you more pain or increase the severity of the injury?
  • Length of recovery for your injury. Can a doctor verify how long your recovery will take? Is there a possibility that the injury can cause permanent disabling effects? Will you be able to go back to work after your recovery period has ended? Can you provide an exact date when benefits will no longer be needed because you’ll be returning to work?

If your claim is strong enough to convince the board of your eligibility, you’ll receive a temporary monthly disability payment. However, since the benefits aren’t for a permanent disability, payments will stop once you’ve reached the end of your stated recovery period. At this point, the SSA will expect that you’ll support your family by returning to work. 

When Your Disability Runs Out, But You’re Not Fully Recovered

Temporary disability is a godsend to many who suffer debilitating injuries where the recovery time is anticipated to be short. But what happens when recovery is not as easy as was first thought? Can they apply for an extension, or must they work through the pain to support their family? The answers to these questions are found in the SSA’s provisions for Disability Expedited Reinstatement (EXR).

Expedited Reinstatement of Disability Benefits

EXR is a clause in the disability process that allows claimants who have previously been approved for disability to restart their benefits without the need to reapply. Instead of sending in an entirely new application and having to go through the tedious approval process for the same condition, you’ll only need to apply for reinstatement approval. However, an EXR is only eligible to certain candidates who satisfy the following requirements:

  • Claimant was previously approved and received temporary disability.
  • Claimant requested an EXR within the allotted time frame (60 months, or five years) from when the initial benefits stopped.
  • Claimant’s reason for requesting the EXR is that the medical condition used to secure the initial benefits is still preventing her from returning to work.
  • Claimant can prove that the condition in question has not improved, or has worsened, since the original application was approved.

Securing Your Benefits With the Help of an Experienced Attorney

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