Nothing is perfect, and the Social Security Administration (SSA) disability program is no exception to the rule. Fraud cases are uncovered constantly throughout New England.

When we hear of such cases we are, naturally, outraged. How can someone take money out of the pockets of the truly deserving? How do they get away with it? And how does it affect benefits for the disabled?

Examples of Disability Fraud

A person or group of people has committed disability fraud when payments intended for the disabled are made to someone who does not qualify. There are many ways to do this including:

  • The benefits are a higher amount than they should be.
  • A medical problem is exaggerated and an applicant falsely qualifies.
  • A medical problem is faked and an applicant falsely qualifies.
  • A recipient has recovered from his or her medical problem yet continues to receive benefits.
  • A fraudster obtains access to the benefits of a qualified person through death or deceit.

Notable Disability Fraud Case

A well known local disability fraud case happened in 2006 in Massachusetts when Antonios Sarantos, of Plymouth, injured his back working at the local prison, yet continued to cash disability checks while working at the bar he owned. He received over $55,000 in illegally gotten cash.

This is just one example of what amounts to millions of dollars that fraudsters have stolen from the government and the truly disabled. If you suspect disability fraud, the SSA urges you to report your suspicions to them immediately. You can do so at their website online or by phone.

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