Huntington’s disease is an unusual nerve disorder. The symptoms of the disease can vary greatly, as well as the severity of the symptoms. For this and other reasons, the Social Security Administration has not listed Huntington’s disease as a qualifying disease to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Qualifying For Huntington’s Disease SSDI In Massachusetts

Although it’s not listed, there are many ways you may still qualify for Massachusetts SSDI for Huntington’s disease. To do this, you must show how your disability has impacted your job performance and daily functions. To show this, the Social Security Administration requires you to show a reduced capacity to work in three areas; physical, mental, and sensory.

Here’s how Huntington’s disease may impact your ability to work:

  • Physical. Huntington’s disease can cause you to lose muscle control. This can make it extremely difficult to lift or move objects. You may also lose your balance more easily, which can be hazardous and make your job far more difficult—if not impossible.
  • Mental. Cognitive and emotional impairments are not uncommon with Huntington’s disease. This can make understanding and completing a job very challenging. You may also struggle with your memory, which can prevent you from remembering short– or long-term instructions or tasks.
  • Sensory. Speaking impairments are not uncommon with Huntington’s disease. If you are not able to speak clearly or communicate with supervisors or co-workers, you may qualify to receive SSDI in Massachusetts for Huntington’s disease.

Showing these impairments is critical to being approved. If your application has been denied, that decision was likely due to a lack of evidence that demonstrated how Huntington’s disease limited your ability to work.

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As Massachusetts Social Security disability lawyers, we understand what your reviewer is looking for on your application. With our help, you can complete your application honestly, accurately, and in a way that will maximize your chances of approval. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you receive the benefits you need for Huntington’s disease.

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