Chronic fatigue syndrome can leave you exhausted, sore, and suffering from severe headaches. This can significantly limit your ability to perform your job day in and day out. Although you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, SSDI in Boston may not always be available to you.

Applying For SSDI With Chronic Fatigue

The Social Security Administration does not automatically consider chronic fatigue syndrome to be a disability. However, many people can still qualify to receive SSDI in Boston for chronic fatigue syndrome. To do this, you must submit specific medical records to show that you are limited in your abilities to do your job well. Here are some of the medical records you should submit with your application.

  • Physical examination notes. These notes should include reference to any swollen or sore lymph nodes your doctor finds. They should also include symptoms of your sore throat.
  • Extended medical exam reports. Your doctor should document any ongoing muscular pain or discomfort found during repeated physical exams. He should also include any tender points found during these repeat exams. Notations about your physical and mental limitations will be very helpful.
  • Positive test for Epstein-Barr virus. Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by a damaged immune system. Signs that the Epstein-Barr virus has overrun your system can help demonstrate your chronic fatigue disability.
  • Abnormal tests. Submitting an abnormal MRI, stress test, or sleep study can also demonstrate that you are disabled.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is very difficult to diagnose and document medically. With these notes and test results, you may be able to demonstrate that this syndrome does impair your ability to perform your job well.

Ask a Massachusetts Disability Lawyer

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