Times are surely changing for Americans with Down syndrome. In 1929, the life expectancy was only nine years; today, it is common for these same people to live an average of 55 years. This means that many, many Down syndrome citizens live much fuller lives than they did even 20 years ago, participating in the national quest for the American Dream. 

Today you will find people with Down syndrome working in a wide variety of jobs all over America. The Down Syndrome Education Online website tells some of their stories:

  • John, aged 42, has a full-time job at a gas station and owns his own home. He bought a car and camper, enjoying trips to the mountains. And he took his mother in and cared for her during her last years.
  • Francine and Andrew are married and live together in their own apartment. They frequently entertain friends and family in their home. They shop, cook and enjoy life together, frequently seen around town holding hands as they run errands.
  • Jose, 42, works part-time in a food store handling the shopping carts. While only making a minimum salary, he has been able to live on his own with a friend.

These stories are not rare; you will find them everywhere. However, it is also important to note that not all Down syndrome patients are the same. The condition can range from mild to severe, and a host of medical problems accompany every case.

So, it stands to reason that many Down syndrome families and individuals will need some financial and medical help in order to continue on. The Social Security Administration (SSA) disability program offers, along with Medicare, two programs that may make the difference between achieving and failing to achieve the American Dream.

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