Disabling Symptoms of Bone Spurs in Boston Athletes

Perhaps you were a competitive weight lifter in Watertown, frequently pushing your body to its limits...

Or perhaps you are a marathon runner in Cambridge, training each year to race in the Boston marathon...

No matter what type of athlete you are, bone spurs are a real concern.

Unfortunately, many Boston athletes learn that the pursuit of health can lead to severe injuries. Bone spurs are common in high intensity athletes. They are caused by prolonged stress to joints and bones. When the body is continuously stressed, the bones warp and reshape to try to cushion the strain. These overdeveloped bone growths can eventually push on ligaments and nerves, causing serious disabilities.

Common Symptoms in Boston Athletes With Bone Spurs

Athletes with bone spurs in Boston can experience symptoms throughout their bodies. Some of the most common body parts impacted by bone spurs include:

  • Toes or Feet. The bones in your feet are already very small. As the bones start to form unnatural growths to make up for the prolonged impact or stress, you may experience pain and significant limitations in your mobility.
  • Hip. No matter which sport you participate in, you place tremendous stress on your hips. If bone spurs develop in your hips, you may experience limitations in your ability to walk.
  • Knee. Your knees also take on a tremendous amount of stress with each impact on the road or in the gym. Bone spurs can significantly limit movement by making it painful to bend or stretch the leg.
  • Shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries are common in swimmers and weightlifters as well as other athletes. If you develop a bone spur on your shoulder due to an injury or overuse, it can make lifting, pushing, or pulling objects very difficult.
  • Spine. Perhaps the most painful bone spur locations are in your spine. Bone spurs in your spine can compress a nerve, causing pain or weakness in your arms or legs.

Boston Athletes Get Help for Bone Spurs

If you have been diagnosed with a bone spur, performing daily tasks or working may be increasingly difficult or even impossible. However, applying to receive disability benefits for a bone spur is not easy. The Social Security Administration does not have a specific listing for this type of injury, which may lead to a denial of SSDI for bone spur sufferers.

If you were denied benefits, it is a good idea that you reach out to a Boston Social Security disability attorney for guidance on your appeal. Call us today at 508-283-5500 to learn more about this process and how we might be able to help. Also, like our Facebook Page to recieve additional, useful information.

Have you suffered from Bone Spurs? Recommend any specific treatment? Leave a comment in the box below to start a discussion!

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