Bone spurs are as painful as they sound. The tiny growths caused by pressure, friction, or any other type of stress to a bone can leave you in pain, and unable to move properly. If the growths rub on ligaments, tendons, or any nerve endings, the pain can be excruciating, leaving you unable to perform critical tasks in your job.

Showing Your Disability When Applying for SSDI in New Hampshire for Bone Spurs

Although you know the pain you live in, applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in New Hampshire requires that you show the Social Security Administration (SSA) how your symptoms limit your ability to work. This can be somewhat difficult to do, especially for a condition like bone spurs.

Bone spurs do not have specific requirements when it comes to what you must show in order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Instead, this condition could fall under three categories.

  • Dysfunction of a joint. To apply under this listing, you must show that your bone spur causes chronic joint pain, stiffness, and instability. By submitting imaging results that show the destruction to your joint, you can demonstrate to the SSA how bone spurs limit your ability to use your arms, legs, or fingers effectively.
  • Disorders of the spine. You should only apply under this listing if your bone spurs have had a direct impact on your spinal cord. This includes any nerve damage in your spine. You must also show that you have a compressed nerve in your spine by the bone spur, or that the bone spur has narrowed the spinal canal. Both of these cause weakness, pain, and instability.
  • Inflammatory arthritis. If bone spurs caused you to have arthritis, you may qualify under the inflammatory arthritis listing. When applying under this listing, you must show that the arthritis limits your ability to walk, move, or do critical tasks with your hands or arms.

Knowing which of these listings to apply under can be very difficult. The Social Security disability system is very difficult to navigate, and without providing the specific information the SSA needs to award you benefits, you risk being denied.

Help for Bone Spur Sufferers Applying for SSDI in New Hampshire

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