Qualifying for Disability Benefits Due to Bronchiectasis

Suffering from any type of breathing problem can make it extremely difficult to carry out your daily activities. Bronchiectasis is a type of lung condition that causes the airways to widen and become flimsy. These airways are responsible for bringing air to and from the lungs. When they widen and weaken, the ability of the airway to clear out mucus is slowed. As a result, the airways may be unable to properly move air in and out of the lungs. People suffering from bronchiectasis typically either had it at birth or acquired it later in life through a disease such as cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, or HIV, or through a blockage in the airway caused by tumors, heartburn, or drug abuse.

2 Ways to Qualify for Disability Benefits for Bronchiectasis

Fortunately, victims of bronchiectasis may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. There are two main ways to qualify for these benefits, as described below:

  1. Meeting the Social Security Administration’s listing for bronchiectasis. The Social Security Administration has a list of specific impairments along with their associated disabilities. Applicants who meet the requirements for the listing for bronchiectasis will automatically qualify for disability benefits.
  2. Proving you are unable to work as a result of your disability caused by bronchiectasis. If you don’t meet the standards in the listing of impairments, you could still qualify by proving that your bronchiectasis prevents you from working. The Social Security Administration will assess certain factors including your age, education level, work history, and level of functioning. Determining your level of functioning involves an assessment of your physical, mental, and sensory abilities.

Obtaining Social Security disability benefits when you suffer from a debilitating condition like bronchiectasis is important. These benefits can help to alleviate some of the financial burden associated with your inability to work. To maximize your chances for obtaining the benefits you deserve, we encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation at 888-904-6847.


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I am currently on disability, and I have recently been diagnosed with bronchiectasis, can I claim disability for bronchiectasis. I would be grateful for your help.
by Alan martin February 26, 2018 at 12:10 PM
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