Sarcoidosis has the potential to have a major impact on your life. Although some people only experience minor symptoms, many suffer from severe and potentially disabling symptoms that can prevent them from working. If you are no longer able to work because of your symptoms, you may want to consider applying for Boston Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits for Sarcoidosis. This supplemental income can help you get the money you need to live when you are unable to work.

Although there is not a specific listing for sarcoidosis, Boston Social Security awards are available under listings that correspond with the organ impacted by the condition. Sarcoidosis sufferers who qualify for SSDI in Boston are generally impacted in four main areas:

  • Skin. Many people with sarcoidosis experience severe skin lesions that persist even after treatment. If this is the case, you may qualify for Social Security under disability listings for skin disorders.
  • Heart. When tissues grow abnormally around your heart, you may experience symptoms such as a heart block, cardiac sarcoidosis, or other types of heart difficulties. If this is the case, you may qualify for SSDI in Boston for chronic heart failure or other heart disabilities.
  • Lungs. Sarcoidosis also commonly affects the lungs, making it hard to breathe. This condition can also leave you exposed to bacterial infections, such as bronchiectasis. In these cases, you may qualify for Social Security based on lung infections such as tuberculosis.
  • Eyes. Your eyesight may be impacted by this condition, causing you to lose some of all of your vision. In this case, you may qualify under the disability listings for vision loss.

Sarcoidosis Sufferers May Qualify For SSDI

If you are living with severe symptoms of sarcoidosis, Boston SSDI may be able to help when you can no longer perform your job. Applying for Social Security disability is not always easy. For conditions such as sarcoidosis that have no specific disability listing, it can help if you have guidance from a Social Security disability lawyer in Boston. At Keefe Disability Law, we understand what it takes to maximize your chances of being approved for your application.

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