You use your shoulders for many activities on the job. From lifting boxes or equipment to placing items overhead, you put your shoulders to the test at work. If an injury causes you severe pain in your shoulder joints, there is a good chance you will qualify to receive Boston Social Security disability benefits.

Shoulder Pain Requirements For Social Security Disability

Shoulder pain falls under the Social Security listing for major joint dysfunction. This means that your shoulder pain must have lasted over 12 months, and be expected to last at least another 12 months to qualify. You must also have one of the following types of chronic pain that prevents you from fully using your arm:

  • Partial shoulder dislocation. This is when the ball bone is partially or fully separated from the socket in your shoulder joint.
  • Partial or full fusing of your shoulder joint. This is when tissues grow between the joints fusing the bone together, sometimes called frozen shoulder.
  • Instability in your shoulder. This can be due to multiple dislocations, separations, or weakness.

How To Qualify For Benefits

To qualify, you must show medical evidence that demonstrates bone destruction, the fusing of your joints, or a narrow space between your joints. In some cases, if you do not meet these requirements but your shoulder pain is just as severe and permanent as these conditions, you may still qualify for SSDI.

Talk To a Disability Lawyer If You Have Questions

When applying to receive this income, it is critical that you fill out the application correctly. For shoulder injuries, this may require the help of a Massachusetts disability attorney. Because there is not a specific listing for shoulder injuries by the Social Security Administration, a lawyer can help you maximize your chances at being approved by guiding you on what to submit and how to demonstrate your disability.

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