CVS Quits Tobacco: Does Quitting Smoking Work For You?

Now that CVS has stopped selling cigarettes it's time to give them a shout out for doing the right thing. Well now - what about you Walgreens? You have over 5000 stores. And Rite Aid, with your 4500 plus stores, isn't it time for you to stop selling cigarettes?

The decision this week by consumer drug store CVS to end the sale of tobacco products in October 2014 makes me wonder, if CVS can quit, what if I quit? Well I am not a smoker, but what if you quit?  What happens if, after decades of cigarette use, you stop smoking? The harmful effects of smoking – do they stay or go?


Surgeon General Finds That Cessation Is Effective At Reducing Damage From Smoking

Cessation works. Cessation is the term the researchers use for quitting, for giving up smoking. Cessation is effective in a major way, in a surprising way, at reducing the multifaceted damage to your body from smoking. The U.S. Surgeon General issued a new report in January 2014 addressing the effects of smoking, and the various diseases that are now seen to be caused by smoking. In looking at all causes of morbidity, the Surgeon General found that when you stop smoking the risks decline dramatically. Cessation at age 40 reduces the loss from all cause morbidity by 90%, and stopping by age 60 reduces the loss from all cause morbidity by 40%. Who knew? Who knew that quitting could be so dramatically effective (90%!) at reducing the ill effects of smoking.

Whether you've stopped recently, or are considering cessation, the Surgeon General’s January 2014 report has information that you need to know. If you suffer from coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, stroke, ischemic stroke, or myocardial infarction, your condition by itself, or combined with other problems, may prevent you from holding or keeping a full time job. If you are unable to work due to a physical or mental condition, Keefe Disability is here to help. Call today to speak with a claim representative and we will provide a free case evaluation to see how our legal team can help with your disability case - 800 776 2929.

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