Notify Social Security if Returning to Work in Massachusetts If you are contemplating returning to work but don't want to tell the Social Security Administration (SSA) for fear of losing your SSI or SSDI benefits, think again. Watch this video as Keefe Disability Law explains why you need to tell Social Security when you return to work.

If you are awarded disability benefits, you will most likely keep receiving these benefits until you tell the SSA that you went back to work or until they review your case again. If you return to work and don't tell the SSA, you can get into big trouble. It is best to tell them that you think you can return to work and ask them about their programs. The SSA has rules that you will need to follow so that you can attempt working again while receiving benefits. If you try to work and discover you can't, then you will just stay on disability if you are working with the SSA and following their guidelines.

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