Massachusetts Social Security Disability Attorney Helped Get Home Health Aide Supplemental Income.

A 52-year-old home health aide was experiencing increasing knee pain and had to undergo total knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, she had not paid enough in Social Security taxes over the previous 10 years because most of her patients paid her in cash. Find out how we helped her file a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application with Social Security and get her approved for benefits.

Hi, I'm Patrick Hartwig, a Social Security Disability Attorney in Massachusetts. When Brenda first approached me, she was a single mom raising kids on her own. In the process, she was forced to take just about any job she could find with flexible hours. Unfortunately, sometimes she was paid under the table.

Nevertheless, we helped her file an application for Supplemental Security Income benefits and supported her throughout the whole process. We gathered all of her medical records and prepared her for her Social Security hearing. When the judge realized that Brenda was, in fact, a very hard worker living through tough circumstances and facing significant medical conditions, she was approved for disability benefits.

"In large part, she was approved because she was prepared. Her entire file was very organized, and she came across as the honest person she truly is."

Now, I imagine you may have specific questions, and I urge you to give me a call. I can answer your questions. Social Security Disability is all I do.

I'm Patrick Hartwig. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.