Massachusetts Social Security Disability Attorney Explains How He Got His Clients Benefits Even After He Was Denied Benefits.

Hi, I'm Patrick Hartwig, a Social Security Disability Attorney in Massachusetts. Isaac was a 47-year-old machinist when complications from diabetes forced him to stop working. Although he had polio as a child in Cambodia, which left him with a significant left foot deformity and walking difficulties, he had built a successful life in the United States. He was married, had two young boys, and had a fantastic career as an electro-mechanical technician.

However, his symptoms became too severe, preventing him from performing his work. As the sole breadwinner, he didn't know where to turn when he had to stop working. Isaac called me after applying for Social Security Disability benefits because he realized the process was more challenging than expected. After searching online and seeing my expertise in disability cases, he chose me as his attorney.

We guided Isaac through the entire process, assisting him in completing all necessary forms, attending examinations, and filing appeals at every stage. We communicated extensively, and I provided guidance every step of the way. When we reached the Social Security hearing, the judge believed there wasn't enough objective medical evidence to approve Isaac's claim.

However, we convinced the judge to send Isaac for a consultative examination conducted by an impartial doctor to gather additional information. We knew that everything Isaac had shared with us was genuine. Thankfully, the doctor's report substantiated every detail Isaac testified to during his earlier hearing, leading to the approval of his claim.

"Now I know that he's the one who can handle everything for you."

If you're watching this video because you have questions about your disability, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call me. Social Security Disability is my specialty, and I'm here to help.

I'm Patrick Hartwig. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.