How come some Massachusetts disability cases take a few months and others take over two years?  Keefe Disability Law answers this question in this video clip. Watch to learn more.

The lifecycle of Social Security disability cases can take anywhere from four months up to two and a half years. When you first apply for benefits, you will get an answer from the Social Security Administration (SSA) within four to six months. You will either be awarded with benefits or denied.  If you are denied, you have two months to appeal it.  When this happens, SSA will reconsider your claim over another four to six months. If they deny you again, you can file a second appeal, called a "request for hearing".  It takes about 12 to 15 months just to receive a hearing date, which is why cases that progress to this stage can take around 2 years.

If you are denied benefits from SSA, you should appeal it.  Call a skilled Social Security disability attorney in Massachusetts at Keefe Disability Law 888-904-6847 to talk to someone who cares about your case.  We have also provided frequently asked questions and other helpful resources on our website to help you during this time.

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