Learn About Your Massachusetts Disability Hearing Process

https://www.keefelaw.com When you apply for SSDI and SSI benefits, you may not have considered that these cases sometimes end up at a trial before a judge. Massachusetts disability attorney Keefe explains in this video what you need to know about the hearing process.

When a case comes to a hearing before the Social Security Administration (SSA), your case is not heard before a jury but only an Administrative Law Judge.  In your hearing, there will just be the judge, you, your attorney and sometimes a medical witness and vocational witness.  The judge is a specialized judge that is trained in the five step evaluation process that Social Security uses for issuing disability benefits.  They are knowledgeable about SSA regulations and ultimately are the decision makers after they hear your case. This is why it is important to have a skilled Massachusetts disability lawyer on your side to increase your chances of receiving benefits.

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