Statistics indicate how many people typically are awarded Social Security disability benefits and how many people generally give up once they are denied benefits. Watch this video to find out these numbers from a trusted Massachusetts disability lawyer.

When a person applies for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), their overall chance of winning benefits depends on the combination of the winning percentage of the first stage, second stage and final stage. For example, if 100 people apply, and 33 of those are awarded benefits, this will leave about 67 without benefits. Of those, about 50 percent give up. The other half move forward and appeal the denial. Only about 15 percent of the people are awarded benefits at this second stage. Out of the people who are denied during this stage, some will give up and others will apply for a hearing. Of the initial 100 people that apply for disability benefits, about 22 of them will pursue their case all the way to a hearing, and the chances of winning at a hearing are about 60 percent.

If you get denied, make sure you do not give up. We can help you appeal the denial. Please call our experienced Massachusetts disability lawyers at Keefe Disability Law at 888-904-6847 and receive a free legal consultation today. You can also view our website to read more about the SSDI and SSI claims process.

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