Many people get nervous when they think about testifying before a judge. During the SSDI or SSI disability claims process not every claimant will have to testify before an administrative law judge, but a skilled Massachusetts disability lawyer wants those who do to know more about the hearing process.

When your Massachusetts disability case comes up for hearing before an administrative law judge, you will have to testify. During this hearing, you will inform the judge about your pain, symptoms and how your medical illness has limited you from working in your old job or from holding down another job. Usually the judge does not need to hear testimony from your spouse or other family members. Occasionally, a judge will be interested in this type of testimony from time to time, but they will warn your attorney ahead of time so that your family can be prepared to testify. It is good to bring your spouse and family members to your hearing for their support, but they will not have to testify unless your lawyer has alerted you ahead of time.

Keefe Disability Law helps prepare you for your testimony so you are not nervous and you know what to expect. For help with your Social Security Disability claim, please call a skilled Massachusetts disability lawyer at 888-904-6847, and get your questions answered in a free legal consultation. You can also view our informative resources that may help you during this time by visiting our website

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