Applying for Disability in Massachusetts After Workers’ Comp Many people want to know if they can file a SSDI claim and apply for disability benefits after they have been injured at work and have received workers' compensation. Keefe Disability Law provides the answer to this question in this video. Watch to learn more.

Many of our clients who apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Massachusetts have been injured at work and received workers' compensation. While they were out on workers' comp, they applied for Social Security Disability. This is allowed, and many people in this situation have been awarded benefits. However, we also work with claimants that didn't get hurt on the job. They apply for disability benefits because they have an illness or they suffer from a disease or something else that built up over time which prevents them from working.

At Keefe Disability Law, we work with both types of people that want to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, and we can appeal your disability benefits denial. Call our knowledgeable Massachusetts disability lawyers at 888-904-6847, and get your questions answered in a free legal consultation today. Please visit our website to view our educational articles, blogs, frequently asked questions and more.

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