Posted on Apr 10, 2014

It was an event that shook Boston and the entire United States. The Boston Marathon bombings were one of the most horrific events to happen on our city streets. Now, a year later, disabled victims of the Boston Marathon bombings plan to return to show their support and to rise above the emotional impact terrorists tried to put on our city.

On April 21, thousands of people plan to show their support for the runners, and for the victims from last year’s terrorist attack by showing up to Boylston Street.

One woman who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombings, Heather Abbott, said she might not have returned this year had it not been for the tragic ending she endured last year. She was not sure she wanted to run the marathon in 2014, but now that she experienced what she did, she wants nothing more than to go back. According to her, she does not want anything taken away from her by the terrorists.

For her, and for many others disabled after the attack on Boylston Street, the return to the race is a matter of personal triumph. But for other families, the decision to return is different.

Liz Norden’s two sons each lost a leg in the bombings. She has chosen to stay as far away from the race as possible to save herself the agony of seeing the exact event and spot where her sons’ lives were forever changed. Her sons, J.P. and Paul, are on the fence about whether they want to return. Paul’s ICU nurse is planning to run in the race, so he wants to be there to support her.

One thing is for certain. The experience is personal and unique to each victim from last year’s Boston Marathon bombing. While some families feel that returning to the race will give a sense of closure, others disagree. For the victims who do want to return but are hesitant due to crowds, and difficulty getting around, the marathon organizers and One Fund Boston are doing what they can to accommodate their needs and get them to the race.

As Social Security disability lawyers in Boston, we found the tragedy hit very close to home. We send our thoughts and well wishes to all of the survivors, regardless of how they choose to spend the one year anniversary of the bombings.

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