Perhaps nothing is more frightening than hearing the word “cancer” in your diagnosis. This word signals that something dangerous is growing in your body. The treatment to remove the cancerous tumor can be long, exhausting, and in many cases, disabling.

Quite a few cancer patients are unable to work because of the damage the cancer and the treatment do to their body. For help, they reach out and apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Massachusetts for cancer. If you did this, and were denied, you may avoid filing an appeal. If your cancer progresses or gets unexpectedly worse, you may find yourself faced with no choice but to file again for benefits.

What to Do When Your Cancer Gets Worse

Unfortunately, cancer can take on a life of its own. When it does, your condition may get worse, making it even more difficult to work. This puts you in a position that may allow you to expedite the appeal process and get approved for the benefits you need faster.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a list of disabilities that qualify to expedite the process to receive benefits. This list is called the compassionate allowance list. Although you may not have qualified for it before, if your cancer worsens, you may meet the requirements on this list expediting your appeal process.

Increase Your Chances of Being Approved for Massachusetts SSDI With Cancer

To determine if you qualify for a compassionate allowance, your cancer must have progressed to be inoperable, not have been completely removed after surgery, or have spread to other organs and lymph nodes.

Upon filing your appeal, there are a few things you should anticipate the SSA needing to see from you. If you submit these with your appeal, you will increase your chances at an approval.

  • Pathology report
  • Surgery report
  • Doctor statement

These items will show the SSA how the recent change in your cancer caused you to no longer be able to work. Talk to your doctor and let him know how you plan to use his statement and these reports. She may be able to add more detail to make it clearer how your cancer is impacting your daily life.

When filling out your appeal paperwork, it is a good idea to work with someone who will understand what the SSA is looking for. Our Boston Social Security disability lawyers have experience helping others like you get the money they need. Contact us with the electronic form on this page to learn how we can help you with your appeal for disability benefits after being denied.

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