About 4.4 million American children collect Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits. The total sum of about $2.4 billion is paid out monthly to children whose parents are disabled, retired or deceased.

It is also possible to receive benefits for disabled children. You can order a special form on the SSA disability website that explains this application process.

Qualifying For Disabled Children

Children, like their parents, must qualify to receive aid. The requirements for dependents of disabled parents are:

  • The child must be your biological child, adopted child or dependent stepchild.
  • In some situations it is possible to qualify based on the grandparents' earnings.
  • The parent(s) must be disabled or retired and qualified for benefits, OR
  • A parent died and paid enough into SSA to qualify the child.
  • The child must be unmarried.
  • The child must be under age 18, OR
  • The child must be 18-19 years old and a full time student in high school, OR
  • The child must be 18 or older and become disabled before age 22.

Required Items

You will need documentation to apply for your child's benefits. Some things you must have, and others are based on your individual situation:

You must have:

  • The child's birth certificate
  • The Social Security number(s) of the parent(s).
  • The child's Social Security number.
You may need:
  • A death certificate if applying for survivor benefits.
  • If the child is disabled, you will need medical evidence of the disability.
  • Other documents, depending on your personal situation.

Most of the time, children will continue to receive benefits until they turn 18 unless they are full-time students or disabled. 19-year-old full time students will have to prove they are attending school full time. Benefits will continue for disabled children until age 18, but may continue longer.

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